No-Caps Addon

don’t want people screaming at you in all caps? want to avoid caps-lock clickbait titles? prefer the calm lowercase aesthetic? then this add-on is probably for you!

what it does

this add-on transforms the text on most sites to lowercase.

it works by checking if it should activate on the current site and then attaching a css class to the root element.


don’t forget to press the save button when changing the settings!

the settings menu is made up of 2 parts. the first part sets what mode the list is in. the list has 2 modes, block- and allowlist.


the blocklist mode makes it that the add-on activates on every url except the ones on the list. this is the default mode and is useful for when you want the lowercase aesthetic turned on most of the times but want to deactivate it on some important sites (bank, email, dictionary).


the allowlist mode is the opposite of blocklist. in allowlist mode, the add-on doesn’t activate unless it’s on one of the sites specified in the list. this mode is useful for when you only want to lowercase everything on sites where people seemingly can’t deactivate capslock.

The settings-menu for no-caps
Adjust your settings via the addon settings


it’s unlikely that this add-on breaks any site, but if the site handles the classes of the root element in an unusual way, then the add-on or site may not work as they should.

i made this add-on as a firefox port of a chrome add-on that has the same base functionality, which i then extended with the filtering settings.