Spongebob PC Games


There are a bunch of Spongebob games for PS2/Xbox/Gamecube that you might have heard of before: Battle for Bikini Bottom, The Movie Game, Lights Camera Pants and Creature from the Krusty Krab.

They're not the only ones but the most well known and liked ones. Each of those games is something I played in my childhood and still like today. One thing these games have in common too, is that they got a PC release which is a completely different game from the console release and are all made by the same dev!
These PC releases never got as much attention as the console releases because they're generally not considered as good. So because I loved Spongebob since childhood I decided to play them!

Battle for Bikini Bottom

Probably my favorite console version of the bunch! And that for a good reason! It was the first PS2 game I ever bought and because of that holds a special place in my heart!

When you look at the PC version you first notice that it's not a platformer but a collection of mini-games! There's a total of 5 areas based on the ones from the console release with 6 mini-games each! A list of 6 mini-games

The mini-games are similar for every area. You're there to save someone from the robots and collect a few items while doing so and they happen in the same order: There's 2 where you control Spongebob, followed by trivia questions about the character you're saving, who then does a mini-game themselves, and then one where you need to use the items you collected through the others. After these you unlock an optional one where you just compete for a high-score.

It can be a bit repetitive and you control everything purely with your mouse because they used the same engine for this game as they used for another point and click Spongebob game.

A few mini-games

Because mini-games is what the majority of this game is composed of, let's look at a few that I found noteworthy!

Hide Me Money

This is a mini-game where you play as Mr. Krabs trying to find treasure and fighting off pirate robots Mr. Krabs on a ship in a top-down view

At first you're walking around the ship trying to put gold coins into barrels and finding specific treasure items. Putting gold coins into barrels is optional but gives you bonus-points. There are power-ups around the map increasing your walking speed for a few seconds. The important part of this mini-game is actually finding the treasure, which is guarded by robots. To get to each treasure item you need to defeat a robot in some kind of fighting mini-game to get past it. Mr. Krabs fighting a robot pirate

The fighting is relatively simple. Mr. Krabs stands where you have your mouse and punches when you click. With this you must evade punches of your enemy while getting close enough to hit them. This is a bit harder than it sounds because each robot gets more difficult than the previous one, doing more damage and punching faster. I found the best way to beat this is to get close enough for one punch and back off again until you win.

Cave Jumper

This one is was quite something and prolly the first time this game upset me! Spongebob on a wooden platform with other platforms above him

This is the closest we get to platforming in this game and it didn't go well. The way to play it is simple! Press your mouse button to jump, time your jumps to land on the next moving platform and collect the superhero gadgets while doing so. Sounds simple but it mostly boils down to waiting for the next platform, which can either be slow or your platform moves too, and your platforms align only every 3rd time it moves back and forth! Plus of course if you miss a platform you lose a life and if you run out you do the level over.

And you need to collect the 5 gadgets too if you want to continue, so if you jump the wrong platform and miss one you do it over again too. Overall I had to do this entire level 3 times!

Rope Burn

It's Squidward time! Squidward climbing down a rope

In this one you climb down a wall via ropes while again collecting gadgets! Plus you need to avoid robot clams. You can go from rope to rope by clicking left or right of the one you're currently on. But Squidward will only switch rope if his limited acrobatic skill allows, meaning he won't jump them.

One big gripe I got with this one is that at one point there's a place where you can go 2 ways! One leads to a gadget and the other leads to another gadget and the way down! So what do you do if you follow the one down first? Slowly climb back up, take the other way, take that way back and go back down again. Fun!

I never liked the idea of hiding an important item down an optional path that doesn't continue. Because if I take the correct one first then I'll have to tediously come back or won't get the item. No matter which game.

Other mini-games

Most other mini-games don't have too much that makes them stick out to me. Some have the problem of making you wait when they really shouldn't but other than that they're okay. Easy but okay.

The trivia mini-games are pretty easy and if you watched the show should pose no problem for you. There is the question of why the robots let your friends go if you answer a few question but we're not gonna question the logic in a game about a talking sponge!


While the PC version is nowhere near as good as the console version, some mini-games aren't really that good, and can be finished pretty quickly, you can see that they tried.

This one gets a Squidward out of 10!

The Movie Game

Ahh yes, the movie tie-in! Often overlooked because its console version is overshadowed by Battle for Bikini Bottom! The console versions of the two games use the same engine and have similar gameplay but with different levels. The console version features sliding and driving sections besides the usual platforming levels.

The PC version, in contrast, is a traditional point and click adventure with parts of the story told via pictures in a book. This way of telling the story between levels is the same as the console version, but in my opinion better executed as they use less stock graphics and more self drawn pictures than the console version. (Seriously, look at some of the console version slideshow cutscenes and count the amount of mistakes and stock images) Anyway, we're here to look at the PC game so let's start!

The story

The story loosely follows the movie's with some of its own stuff added. For example, one level has Princess Mindy sneak out of the castle to help Spongebob and Patrick, while in the movie she just appears. The crossing of the abyss is a whole two levels too with one of them involving them solving a mystery about a stolen pearl necklace.

Overall they did a great job putting most of the important stuff from the movie into the game!

The levels

The game has a total of 9 levels. Each of them took us around 15-20 minutes on average. So the length of the game is pretty good!

The first level involves Spongebob getting ready for the opening of the Krusty Krab 2. For this you have to put on clothes and brush your teeth. But you need to steal the toothpaste from Squidward who you have to distract first. Overall a good start to the game!

The second level is about Plankton stealing the crown from King Neptune. You start off by first getting your jet-pack from a defunct robot. After that follows a mini-game where you fly to Neptune's palace, evading jellyfish. Plankton evading jellyfish After you reach the palace you just need to open the door to the throne room and the level ends once you take the crown!

Level 3 takes place after Mr. Krabs has been frozen and simply involves you getting the patty car. To get this you first need to get an access card to open the garage with the car. After talking to some NPCs you find out Squidward lost his and some kid took it and went to Goofy Goober's. After you trade some ice cream for the card from that kid, you can enter the garage onto the next level.

The fourth level has you retrieve the key for the car after it was stolen. Our first instinct of course was to do it like in the movie and blow some bubbles! But before we could do that we needed to teach the twin fish how to sing the Goofy Goober theme song. The gas station from the Spongebob movie To do that we needed to walk back to the gas station and get the sheet for the song from one of the two guys there. The way you know that was pretty neat too. In the previous level the two guys were mentioned partying in the restaurant. That's a nice use of info the game provided earlier!

In level five you play as Mindy and first have to sneak out of her room after her dad grounded her. Your main objective is to get the royal carriage with the seahorses. At one part you have to go to the dungeon to get a mirror polished and to get there you need to first give the dungeon master a D&D handbook. At the end you distract the stable employee and steal the seahorses.

Level six is probably my favorite just because of the setting. It takes place in the deep trench they fall into in the movie. The objective is to get through the fog and to do so you need to light the way! At the start of the level Patrick mentions having passed by a hotel earlier. So my first instinct was to go back and see what the hotel was. An upside down boat with a door

When you enter the first guest room in the hotel the resident of the room tells you that her pearl chain has been stolen and was replaced with some orb. We of course offered to help, because in good old point and click fashion it has something to do with the solution for the level even if it seems irrelevant. After you question the other guest and the receptionist (and fantasize about staying in this hotel because you just are like that) you find the pearls and return them! She gives you the orb she found as a reward which you then bring to the magician you met in a cave earlier. You then put that orb into a socket and it shoots a beam of light through the fog, letting you cross.

Level 7 was a bit of a weird one because it doesn't make sense why it should stop you on your journey. Patrick says he's a bit in pain from all the walking and sees a sign for a chiropractor. We soon find out said doctor doesn't treat invertebrate because they don't have any bones or joints to treat. And we find a sea pickle and starfish protesting against that outside the clinic. (Let's ignore the fact that in the show Spongebob and Patrick have been shown to clearly have bones in the show before this game released) The rest of the level is about making peace between the protestors and the chiropractor. Once that is done the next cutscene shows them getting captured by the cyclops, which is why I don't think this level makes much sense, because they didn't need to go to the chiropractor to just get captured immediately and weren't blocked by anything. Anyway, next level!

Level 8 takes place in shell city and is probably the shortest level in the game. In the first part you need to revive Spongebob while playing as Patrick. You get some water by making Patrick cry with an onion. After that you leave the gift shop and need to summon David Hasselhof. To do that you need dig up a whistle out of the sand with an improvised shovel. Once you get the whistle, Hasselhof shows up and the level is over. The way the game goes around calling him Hasselhof because he only gave rights to his likeness for the movie is by just putting dolphin noises over them saying his name. The console version just didn't use his name and changed his face via Photoshop. His face here is never shown but you see a cartoon version of him in one of the photos! David Hasselhof with a shaded face. Tbh he looks like cartoon Butch Hartman

The last level takes place pack in Bikini Bottom and has you assemble the amp for the guitar to destroy the bucket helmets. You need a speaker and a thingamabob from the chum bucket, so you have to collect Krabby Patties and sneak around a robot Spongebob to retrieve it. Spongebob sneaking in a top-down view

Once you retrieved all the items you need to play another small mini-game where you need to press the right guitar string when the right note passes by. Guitar mini-game

After this mini-game the game is finished and the final cutscene plays.


It's defo a solid interpretation of the movie in point and click form! We liked it a lot more than the previous one and the puzzles themselves, while not being that hard, is what you'd expect from a game with the Spongebob Target audience

I rate it a Spongebob out of 10!

Nighty Nightmares

It may have a different name, but this is basically the PC version of Creature from the Krusty Krab. Like the console version it features Spongebob, Patrick and Plankton as playable characters. The levels have some similarities too!

Like the other games this one is controlled with only the mouse, but it's not a point and click adventure. It actually features some real-time combat and stealth levels! The execution of the combat can be a bit lacking, similar to the combat in Battle for Bikini Bottom. You can't shoot and move at the same time, making it basically impossible in many situations to hit your enemy without taking damage yourself. Let's look at the levels themselves!


Each character has 2 levels, one which is considered a dream and one which is considered a nightmare. At the end of the first level your character get trapped somewhere they need to escape from in level two.


The first level as Spongebob has you drive a car through a racetrack that got infested with evil wheels, traffic cones and oil cans. Oil cans and wheels will attack you and you have to shoot them with bubbles, while the traffic cones remain stationary and can't be defeated. Spongebob in a car and some traffic cones. Each having a circle around them

By pressing right-click you slow down your movement and display a vision circle around yourself and every enemy. If your circle overlaps with an enemy one, they spot you and attack. The traffic cones are invincible and one-shot you, so they're meant to be snuck around.

The overall goal is to clear the racetrack of oil and blockades. To do so you need to collect items which are guarded by enemies and use them to continue. Spongebob and some living oil cans shooting each other

Once you cleared the raceway a cutscene plays where you get a trophy for winning the race. After that everyone gets abducted by jellyfish aliens and the next level starts with you having to escape their ship.

This level is a stealth level. You have to sneak around the jellyfish and make your way to the main door. Once you reach the door you meet Gary and get the net-launcher. The net-launcher lets you temporarily catch the pink jellyfish to let you past to get a key they're guarding. Spongebob sneaking past jellyfish You need to get 3 keys that are spread across the level to finish. If you get spotted by a jellyfish you respawn back where you last were based on your progress.

Once you got the keys you just need to bring them to the door where Gary is and you finish the level!


In Patrick's first level you play him in the role of the superhero Starfish-Man. Your task is to rid Bikini Bottom of the Dreaded Patrick's minions, which all seem to be dentists, business-men and personal trainers. You attack them by using your tongue as a whip while they fight back by either throwing stuff at you, punching you or trying to brush your teeth. Patrick whipping his tongue across a business-man's face

After you defeat every enemy you're sent to a bullet hell inspired mini-game where you're flying and shooting stars at flying clowns. (Don't ask too many questions) Patrick flying and shooting at clowns

At the end of this mini-game you fight a boss-clown and then you get captured by the Dreaded Patrick and imprisoned in his lair.

The second level is in the lair of the Dreaded Patrick. Your main enemies are Lint Worms, Soap stains and Piles of laundry.

Patrick vacuuming up a lint worm To defeat the enemies you simply need to vacuum them up. Every enemy gets vacuumed up very fast so this level is very easy. At the end of the level you need to shoot the Dreaded Patrick with stuff from your vacuum cleaner and evade his orbs. After that, the level is finished.

There was one thing in this level that made me scream tho. The noises the Lint worms make when you suck them up. Seriously, listen to this. It'll make you want to write a letter to the sound designer


The first Plankton level has you destroy Bikini Bottom. You use an eye-laser and your fists to destroy buildings, tanks and helicopters! Plankton using his eye laser

Sounds fun, right?
Unfortunately this level has a timer, and if you can't destroy every building, tank and heli within the 7 minutes time limit, you have to start over! We finished this level with 10 seconds left. Plus there's a giant Mr. Krabs with spiky claws at the other side of the level which you have to beat too! This is defo the most stressful level in this game and I'm just glad I got it on my first try!

Anyway, you get eaten by a whale after this. The second level takes place inside a whale where you have to control your own little Plankton army to defeat the other things the whale ate and escape.

"Can we have Pikmin?"
"We have Pikmin at home"
Pikmin at home: A bunch of Planktons attacking fish bones

Over the course of the level you recruit more Planktons to help you attack. To make them attack, you simply click on the enemies a few times. If they run out of health they lie down for a few seconds and then continue fighting.

Once you reach the exit, the level is complete and you get ejected through the whale's blowhole.


I like how this game incorporates some of the themes the levels had in the console version. Like Spongebob's racing level, Patrick being a superhero and giant Plankton destroying Bikini Bottom.

This is defo the clunkiest out of the ones we played so far. And that is mainly because of the combat. The level I liked the most is prolly the second Plankton level. But overall some parts of this game feel too unforgiving, especially the giant Plankton level with its strict time limit allowing no mistakes.

We're giving this game a Plankton out of 10.

Lights, Camera, Pants!

The Mario Party of Spongebob Games! At least the console version. On PC we got a point and click game again like with the movie game. But instead of following a linear set of levels we got an entire list of smaller levels!

The main premise of the game is like in the console version about the filming of MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy! But while in the console version you compete for different roles in a movie, in this version you're tasked with finding people in the first place. The show's producer has no actors and it's up to Spongebob to find them! In the different levels you'll do small tasks for people and then you can ask them to join as an actor. Once you got enough actors for every role you can assign them and watch the finished result! Selecting an actor for the role of chef

There is no set ending to this game, so you can play until you got the actors you want or until you got everything!

The Levels

The game has quite a good amount of levels from different locations in the show! Unlike the movie game and Employee of the month (which I haven't talked about in this post) it got no original locations that weren't in the show itself. But the amount of locations from the show makes more than up for that!

Spongebob and the flying Dutchman in his ship Because of the amount of locations there isn't much to do in each besides getting the props and actors. There's quite a few screens that are only there for you to walk through with nothing interactable on it. The overall amount of things you can interact with or inspect is mainly limited to essential objects, with some rare exceptions where Spongebob will say something about an object. In contrast to the other point and click Spongebob that part was a bit lackluster. Spongebob in the retirement home talking to an elderly fish

Some of my favorite locations in this game are Tentacle Acres, The Stone Age and Sandy's Home.

The Stone Age area was particularly cool because I liked that episode a lot and interacting with the stone-age counterparts was interesting. Spongebob with stone-age Squidward


This game of course contains some mini-games, but this time they're actually pretty nicely executed (still very easy tho).

The first one you'll encounter is simply a game of checkers. Nothing too complicated and easily beatable if you know how to play it. And if you don't know how to play it you can just annoy your opponent until they quit.

Spongebob in front of a wall with holes In this mini-game you have to hit people who try to peep into your changing-tent. The only explanation for this that the game gave is that other beach-goers are impatient and prolly have issues. Either way, this one is really easy too. Once you swat away 20 people you win.

Other mini-games involve dodging and collecting items. They're defo overall even easier than the ones from Battle for Bikini bottom or Nighty Nightmare.

The result

So after you hire these actors and gather these props you want to see a result, right?

Once you have enough actors to fill every role you can just assign them and press the play button to have the episode play out! Actors in jail. Spongebob and Patrick playing MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy The episode follows MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy trying to find out who is behind the disappearance of various buildings and ends with them finding the villain and defeating them! This is similar to how it plays out on consoles when you won your roles, just a lot simpler and shorter. Plus all the props you collected and assigned show up in the different scenes too.


Out of the three point and click adventures in the series (we didn't cover one of them in this post) this one is probably the worst. It's not horrible but it feels very empty compared to the others. The amount of locations from the show is defo the highlight in this one. The mini-games are better made too except that they're too easy sometimes.

I rate it a Squilliam out of 10

Other Games

There are a bunch of other Spongebob for PC from that era from the same devs. And while I played one of them, it didn't fit into this post because they don't have their equivalent console release. I can say the one that I played, Employee Of The Month, is the best one of those when it comes to point and click games!

The devs have other games besides Spongebob too, but I haven't played any of those.


Playing through these old games was defo an interesting experience. And you can see where they had to make compromises on things. Having played them in order of release also showed clearly when they reused some things like music and scenes. But in the end you can clearly see that they tried and there was passion behind some of them, even if they can't hold the water to their console equivalents.

Out of the four I played here, the movie game was defo the best, with Nighty Nightmare in last place. Overall they're an interesting dive into the different aspects of the series and deserve to be remembered as the odd but endearing games they are!