Cult of the Lamb Review


A new game is out and it seems right up my alley. Leading a cult and fighting your way through roguelike levels.

I finished the game in roughly 13 hours and it defo kept me engaged most of the time. I never really encountered an issue except for getting softlocked once after a bossfight.

The game is split up into 2 different gameplay loops basically. We got the roguelike fighting part where you explore procedural dungeons, and the cult management part where you make sure your cult is running well and people stay devoted to you.

The cult

The main focus of this game. Your cult is like your base of operations. You collect devotion points to unlock upgrades to it, and hold sermons to level up your character.
Overall I enjoyed this element of the game. I'm a sucker for basebuilding after all.

There are a few main buildings like your temple and the shrine, and extra buildings to keep your cult alive and well. Every member needs their sleeping quarter and you need to provide food for them. You need to make sure disease doesn't run through your cult either by cleaning up and providing outhouses.

In the temple you can hold sermons, rituals and declare doctrines. Sermons give you points to level up based on the amount of followers and their individual levels. Rituals can do a variety of things like sacrificing a follower, increase their faith, making them give you money or making them work through the night.
And my favorite part! Doctrines! These can unlock new rituals and attributes for your cult members. For example you can declare that cannibalism is holy and sacred! Or unlock the ability to ask for money!

With some doctrines and rituals I made a cult of cannibalism that likes it when I sacrifice someone. A useful combination!

You can also unlock decorations for your cult complex. These don't do anything besides looking good of course, but they're nice to have.

Overall I really liked the cult management aspect of the game. The one thing I'd say that could be improved on there is having more functional buildings that let your cult survive longer without your presence.

Speaking of being not present at your cult!

The roguelike

When you're not managing your cult you're out there fighting heretics, getting resources and finding new followers!

For that you go into one of 4 areas you each unlock after beating the previous one's boss. To get to this boss you first will need to beat 3 mini bosses for their respective area.

To get through an area once you will go through multiple "floors" with each being either one with multiple rooms and enemies, just some resources in one room or an npc to meet.

You will find tarot cards on your journey which provide upgrades to your abilities or damage/health for the rest of the current area. You can unlock more to potentially find via shops or doing quests for npcs.

At the end of a run when you fight one of the minibosses the first time you can recruit them as a new follower and get one step closer to the area's main boss!

After each run you'll go back to your cult to make sure everything is still going alright and tend to your followers and indoctrinate new ones you potentially found.

Once you beat an area's main boss you can move on to the next. After you finish all the areas you can go and beat the final boss! But even after you beat an area's boss you can go back and fight more enemies there and do even longer runs. That's where I would have loved if you could make something that your cult can live longer in your absence, cuz I'd love to do a really long run defeating many enemies and bosses. But if you're out too long your cult may be starving already before you get back.

Tho overall the fighting was pretty good. Nice weapon variety and abilities and good enemy variety.


Overall I very much enjoyed the game! I made a cult of cannibals and defeated god satan and became the new satan! 9/10!

My cult assembled around me